Gregg & Co. Builders believes our strength lies in the intersection between knowledge and creative enterprise. It is looking past the blueprint, using our imaginations to create a warmth, charm and uniqueness to each of our homes. For us building homes isnít just our business, itís our passion. Gregg and Company Builders

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Gregg & Company Custom Home Builders

Gregg & Company Custom Home Builders - Your Dream Becomes a Reality
A comfortable retreat. A welcome destination for friends and family. A place to raise your children. A home away from home. A place to call your own.
Whatever vision you have for your dream home, Gregg & Co. Builders will make it a reality. Our personal service, attention to detail and commitment to excellence throughout all design and construction phases make for a rewarding and enjoyable home-building experience.
We pride ourselves in looking beyond the blueprint to create elements that bring your house to life. Whether it’s beams from the 1800s, antique oak flooring or vintage fixtures, we find the perfect accents for every room.
Once your home is complete, we know your reaction will be as positive as all of our past homeowners. Like our most recent custom client, who upon seeing each completed room of her new home for the first time, exclaimed, “I LOVE THIS HOUSE!”

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